Friday, 29 April 2011

My Football Shirt Project in the media

Wow, what a bizarre week it's been. I was woken up on Wednesday morning by a phone call from my girlfriend's Mum telling us that Chris Evans had just mentioned my project during his show on BBC Radio 2. Apparently they were discussing the more bizarre stories that had appeared in the national newspapers.

So I popped down to the local newsagent to buy a copy of The Sun, and there it is on page 28, next to an article about Theo Walcott writing children's books:

There's a mistake or two in the article, but at least they spelt my name correctly!

Now the reason that I knew the article had appeared in The Sun was because I had received a phone call (whilst still in bed) from talksport radio, another national radio station, this time asking me if I would do a 10 minute interview on the Hawksbee & Jacobs show, who apparently look at the "whacky and bizarre" stories in sport. They'd somehow thought that I'd had the largest collection of football shirts in the world, which certainly isn't true, but the interview went pretty well nonetheless. I got a chance to plu this blog, and my facebook page, although they cut me off before I'd got the chance to promote the new twitter feed.

Understandably traffic to the blog increased immensly. I had two thousand views on the day, and followers on the facebook group doubled.

It didn't stop there though, the next day I got a phone call from Andy Burrows at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire inviting me do anotehr interview on his drive-time show.


  1. Wow! Simply amazing! I guess it will help you get some shirts =D

  2. I'm hoping so. It's increased traffic to the website no end.