Sunday, 23 January 2011

El Salvador

El Salvador - Away - 06/07

Last time that I purchased an El Salvador shirt it turned out to be a fake. I bought this one from a Mexican seller on eBay. As you can see this time it is 100% authentic. It's not the greatest  shirt in the world, but it ticks a box.

Total Costs - £18.78


Maldives - Home - 10/11

 I bought this from the same Thai seller who sold me the 2009 Laos shirt. I've studied photographs and this appears to be exactly the same as the shirt used by the Maldives, and is an official Nike shirt.

Total Cost - £34.99

Africa Unity shirt

Africa Unity Shirt 2010

So as a part of Puma's love in with Africa, and the upcoming 2010 World Cup in South Africa Puma created the most disgusting football shirt ever made. It looks as though they've dunked a sky blue shirt into some sewage.

Official I believe this was the 3rd shirt for all the African nations supplied by Puma, although I only eversaw it used by Namibia in a friendly against South Africa. The shirt comes complete with various patches that can be put on depending on which country you want. I wasn't going to get this at £70, but it was heavily reduced in the sale.

A new Jamaica shirt

This is the only photo I can find of it being worn, although I swear it isn't a  goalkeeper's shirt, so that's one hell of a handball.

Jamaica - 3rd - ?

I love the Jamaica shirt that I already had, the design from the 1998 World Cup. But I do really like the new Kappa shirts. This one looks so smart and I couldn't resist £20 for it.

Strangely, there's no label in the back of the collar.

Total cost - £19.99

A new Bahrain shirt

Bahrain - Home - ?

 I already had a Bahrain shirt, but I have my suspicions that it may be a supporters shirt rather than a replica. This is the real deal.

Bahrain have failed at the final hurled qualifying for the 2006 and 2010 World Cup. In 2006 they lost by a single goal in the intercontinental Play Off with Trinidad & Tobago, the winner set to be the smallest nation ever to qualify for a World Cup. In 2010 they lost out to New Zealand, who went on to draw every game, including against the defending champions Italy.

Total cost - £24.99

A new Honduras shirt

Honduras - Away - ?

Although I already had a Honduras shirt, I couldn't actually find any photos of mine being worn in amatch, although I'm still confident that it is official. Honduras qualified for the 2010 World Cup, and have a couple of UK based players making their shirts a bit easier to come by.

Total cost - £24.99

Total cost of collection - £3792.98


Rwanda - Home - 2004

 I'm not entirely sure what these bits of elastic are for. It's in both sides of the collar though.

I absolutely smashed my record for biggest purchase. But I honestly didn't think it would go for so much, and I didn't really want to miss out on a shirt that I may not see for years. Rwanda are hardly setting the football world on fire at the moment.

I searched around the internet and found a photo of this being worn in a match against Nigeria in a 2006 World Cup Qualifier. But I also found a photo of it being worn by Rwanda's Club armee patriotique, so not sure what the deal is there.

Total Cost - £138.00

Total cost of collection - £3767.99

A new South Korea shirt

South Korea - Home - 10/11

I already had a South Korea shirt kindly donated to me by a reader of this site. However, this brand new shirt is one of my favourite shirts being worn at the moment. It was only £25 in the sale so couldn't really help myself.

Total cost - £25.00

Total cost of collection - £3629.99

A new Egypt shirt

Egypt - Home - 10/11

I did already have an Egypt shirt, but I couldn't find any photos of it being worn. It was being sold as an official shirton, but it looked more like a fans replica to me.

I do like these Puma designs so since this was in the sale I thought that I might aswell update the collection.

Total cost - £25.00

Total cost of collection - £3604.99


Portugal - Away - ?

Only Estonia and Macedonia to go now until I complete all 53 UEFA teams. Untill Kosovo join that is.

I can't stand the colour of the Portuguese home shirts, so went for the more pleasant away shirt.

Total Cost - £15.00

Total cost of collection - £3579.99