Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Martinique U15s in 2010

Martinique - Away - 2010

I'll be honest here, at first I wasn't convinced that this was official Hummel. I didn't even know if Martinique even plaedy in official Hummel. The Guadeloupe shirts that I bought from the same store are authentic so it was a tough one to call.

I'll let you make you own mind up: Maillot Antilles Foot

EDIT: Okay, interesting development. Maillot Antilles Foot have got in contact with me and shown me the certificate from the Martinique based suppliers saying that they are official Hummel. The Suppliers website looks very professional and claims to have "acquired the license for distribution and manufacturing of exclusive Danish brand Hummel.".

Furthermore, and most importantly Hummel International today posted on their twitter account: "Tuesday Trivia: did you know that hummel sponsors 'Les Matinino' - the national football team of Martinique? http://fb.me/A3JM9BWP".

So there you go, Official Martinique shirts! Thanks Curtis for taking the time to help clear things up.

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  1. It's no problem, I am proud to have provided information on the shirts of "Matinino". For me even after all this research it was clear.

    Seen you soon,