Sunday, 8 August 2010

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso - Home - 01/02

I was left very confused by the website that sold me this shirt. It was listed at £95, but then they added £3.80 VAT on top of it, and another £4 for postage. Now at £95 the VAT should have been £16.62, and then the shirt was simply screwed up, shoved in a bag and wrapped with a load of tape. Not sure why that cost £4. They should have made it more clear that prices were excluding VAT, and I'm not convinced that I should have been paying it anyway.

This shirt was worn during the African Cup of Nations hosted by Burkina Faso. A late goal against Guinea in the final group stage put them through to the knockout stages where they beat Tunisia on penalties, before losing 2-0 to eventual winners Egypt. Burkina Faso lost the 3rd placed Play-Off tournament on penalties against DR Congo having been 4-1 up after 87 minutes, the following 140 seconds were quite spectacular.

Total cost - £103.00

Total cost of collection - £2198.07

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  1. Nice jersey! You will know if it is still possible to find one or someone who sells a jersey like your photo ... Greetings from Mexico and Congratulations for your collection ...