Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tanzania - part 2

Tanzania - Away - ?

 I've now convinced myself that the Skies Tanzania shirt that I purchased previously is not a football shirt, unfortunately this also rules out my Kenya shirt being an authentic football shirt. Although I cannot find photos of the Tanzania team using this shirt, they are at least supplied by adidas. I shall take a closer look to check that it is authentic Adidas. It really can be hard to tell with the African replica shirts.

Total cost - £21.51

Total cost of collection - £1492.80


  1. Dear friend: Congratulations for your shirt collection!!!. It's amazing, really. Where do you find shirts like the Nepal one? It's very strange!!!. I live in Argentina, so if you want original shirts from here just call me ;)
    We can swap, sell or buy, don't worry. Have a great day, best wishes and good look with your project.


  2. I have one very similar to this. Execpt mine is nike and it says Tanzania across it. It also has a soccer ball on the side. I know its fake but it is a cool shirt from tanzania...

  3. Where can I find the shirt of Tanzania (official) within the territory of Tanzania?
    Has idea of the price?