Friday, 17 June 2011


Whatever your political opinions, you've got to feel sorry for the Palestinian national team. They've only ever played one cimpetitive match in their own country, and have frequently been banned from traveling to away games and tournaments by the Isreali giverment.

Despite these setbacks Palestine managed to achieve a highest position of 115th in the FIFA world rankings. Links with the ex-pat communities in Chile and USA have helped.

Palestine - Home - 02/03

This shirt was unbelievably hard to get hold of. Football is fairly popular in Palestine, and there are plenty of fake replica shirts out there since pro-Palestine groups like to show their alligences. Recently Subside sports have been advertising an older Diadora shirt at £200. I was very tempted to go for it during their 20% off everything sale.
However, Kris, a follower of this blog got in contact with me when he saw that they had a limited number of this design for just £45. The quality of the shirt is not good, it's made by Training, the Chilean manufactuers who also supply the Palestino team in the Chilean league.


  1. I have that shirt! It's got very roomy sleeves... We're waiting on an actual sponsorship. Hoping if we beat Afghanistan and Thailand we can attract the attention of a sponsor.

  2. know anywhere where i can get one ?

    please email me at: