Sunday, 23 January 2011


Rwanda - Home - 2004

 I'm not entirely sure what these bits of elastic are for. It's in both sides of the collar though.

I absolutely smashed my record for biggest purchase. But I honestly didn't think it would go for so much, and I didn't really want to miss out on a shirt that I may not see for years. Rwanda are hardly setting the football world on fire at the moment.

I searched around the internet and found a photo of this being worn in a match against Nigeria in a 2006 World Cup Qualifier. But I also found a photo of it being worn by Rwanda's Club armee patriotique, so not sure what the deal is there.

Total Cost - £138.00

Total cost of collection - £3767.99


  1. Ive always being intrigued by this brand because in 2002 they sponsored Uruguay at the WC in a move that seemed very shady (the tv rights of the local football are owned by a big company that deals with the kit suppliers of the NT)...

    The shirt actually looks very nice, but the following design, I think also of L-Sporto, seems very interesting, see here:

  2. They also made the St Kitts & Nevis shirt that I own. Which I think is alot nicer than this.

    I did not know that about Uruguay, although I did hear something dodgy with a couple of African countries:

  3. where can i get that kit am rwandes