Thursday, 1 April 2010


I recently banned myself from purchasing shirts from eastern Asia to avoiding fake shirts. Unfortunately there are people in the UK who buy these 'bargain' shirts and sell them on for profit, some not even realising that these shirts are not authentic.

The listing for this Singapore shirt certainly appeared to be authentic, and from a seller with 100% feedback. When the shirt arrived it had all the correct labels, and the tag still had the original $70 price tag attached.

Singapore - Home - 09/10

Total cost - £10.49

Total cost of collection - £347.13


  1. HI im from Singapore, I can still find the latest Singapore jerseys.Even this is authentic but its a cheaper version of NIke produce shirt for lower ranking teams.But Singapore does hav the international quality and only this year another sub-team from mix of under 21 and national players join in the Malaysian league called LionsXII

    1. Hi oby Juan, how are you? i read that you can still find the latest Singapore jerseys, if you can tell me and i buy you the shirt in size XL, my name is Cristián from Argentina.
      The best regards for you and your family

  2. Hi Cristian,

    I can source Singapore jerseys for you.
    Please contact me at:!