Saturday, 4 December 2010


Vietnam - Away - 10/11

I've been avoiding Vietnam shirts for a while since I've yet to see one that I'm convinced is authentic. I recently joined an Indonesian football shirt collector forum, they are very keen to help me with my collection and I was sent a link to this sports shop in Singapore. Very resonably priced, and an excelletn selection of Asian shirts.

Total Cost - £48.38

Total cost of collection - £3162.45


  1. Hello, thanks for your post about Vietnam's football shirt. I was looking for this since a long time and i found it thanks you lol.
    I'd like to know where did you get these picture ? Or where can i order their football shirt ?
    GO Vietnam ^^

  2. Hi Alexandre. I took the photos myself having bought the shirt from the shop that I linked to above.

    Here it is again incase you missed it:

  3. Oh sorry i didn't see the link on the word "this".
    And how long does it take to deliver ? Where do you live ? And about forwarding charges ?

    Thanks for you answer (Sorry for all my questions lol).

  4. Er, it came pretty quick. A few days from Singapore to the UK.

    Dunno about charges. Ask them, they were very.