Saturday, 17 September 2011

US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is a small group of islands in the Caribbean with a population of just 110,000 (roughly the size of Peterborough). Formerly known as the Danish West Indies the islands were bought by the USA in 1916 during the first world war due to a fear of German invasion.

The USVIFA was formed in 1989 but didn't join FIFA untill 1998. Since then they#ve frequently occupied the bottom few places in the FIFA World Rankings, despite there being several countries with smaller populations. All three of the USVI wins have come against the neighbouring British Virgin Islands, most recently in the 2014 World Cup Qualifying.

US Virgin Islands - Home - ?

This shirt is another from Replay Football shirts.

"The USVI shirts were purchased from a contact in the USA. They are
believed to be from a friendly match between USVI and the British
Virgin Islands in a non-official (pre-FIFA) friendly. Apparently the
shirts were initially given to the USVI by the BVI (hence the kit
being made by Umbro). Approx year is 1990. I've been asking around for
more detailed info and photos of the match but with no luck so far. I'll
be in touch if I have anything."

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