Sunday, 23 January 2011

Africa Unity shirt

Africa Unity Shirt 2010

So as a part of Puma's love in with Africa, and the upcoming 2010 World Cup in South Africa Puma created the most disgusting football shirt ever made. It looks as though they've dunked a sky blue shirt into some sewage.

Official I believe this was the 3rd shirt for all the African nations supplied by Puma, although I only eversaw it used by Namibia in a friendly against South Africa. The shirt comes complete with various patches that can be put on depending on which country you want. I wasn't going to get this at £70, but it was heavily reduced in the sale.


  1. I saw it and did'nt buy it. Now, I regret

  2. hey mate,
    if namibia v SA is the only time, then whats the go with the vs cameroon pic above?