Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome & Principe U17s (red and green) battling hard against a suspicious looking Cameroon "U17" team in 2008.

For now Sao Tome and Principe are still FIFA members, however, they haven't played a senior international since Libya beat them 8-0 in November 2003. given how remote the islands are it's hardly surprising that they struggle to take part in competitions. The cost of travelling thousands of miles to get thrashed on a regular basis cannot be justified.

Okay, I'm unbelievably happy to obtain this shirt. I was originally offered this shirt by a collector in London who wanted £600 for it (a reasonable price given it's rarity) which I had to turn down. It was then put up for sale on eBay, I didn't win the auction, but I was later contacted saying that the sale had fallen through due to payment difficulties. Fortunately my brother also lives in London so he was able to collect the shirt for me.

I haven't just obtained the rarest shirt in the FIFA 208, but I've demonstrated that this challenge is definately achievable. I've also set my upper limit that I'm willing to pay for a shirt.


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