Sunday, 14 March 2010


Recently eBay has brought in a "Best offer" option, you can offer the seller less than they're asking for, and if they accept you get to buy the item at a reduced price. I found a Hungary home shirt for sale at £20, and offered £10, they countered with £14 which I accepted.

The following confused me slightly:
"We do NOT Post to the following Locations; Eygpt, Ghana, Indonesia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Somalia, Ukraine, Vietnam, India, Russia etc".
Not entirely sure what 'etc' means he given that it appears to be a list of random countries. I'm also not one to point out the spelling of Egypt.

Hungary - Home - 07/08
This shirt came unopened in it's original packaging, labels still attached.

Total cost - £16.50

Total cost of collection - £200.51

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  1. No luck finding a picture of this one in use? I've got the same shirt and can't find one either... even dating it was a pain!