Saturday, 21 August 2010


Mozambique - Home - 10/11

I've been after this shirt for a while. I know that Puma produced a number of african shirts, most commonly Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia etc. But they also produced shirts for Mozambique and Namibia. This shirt comes complete with the Puma 'sample' information just like my Ivory Coast shirts. The information includes which factory it was made in.

This shirt came from the USA, and unfortunately they put a far higher value of the shirt when declaring its contents. Thanks to this I not only had to pay customs duty, but I also had to pay the Royal Mail an £8 handling fee.

Total cost - £46.47

Total cost of collection - £2390.48

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Zimbabwe - Home - 06/08
This shirt is available at: Football Shirt World

Total cost - £41.87

Total cost of collection - £2344.01


Sudan - Home - ?

Total cost - £41.86

Total cost of collection - £2302.14


Bermuda - Home - 07/08

Total cost - £62.21

Total cost of collection - £2260.28

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso - Home - 01/02

I was left very confused by the website that sold me this shirt. It was listed at £95, but then they added £3.80 VAT on top of it, and another £4 for postage. Now at £95 the VAT should have been £16.62, and then the shirt was simply screwed up, shoved in a bag and wrapped with a load of tape. Not sure why that cost £4. They should have made it more clear that prices were excluding VAT, and I'm not convinced that I should have been paying it anyway.

This shirt was worn during the African Cup of Nations hosted by Burkina Faso. A late goal against Guinea in the final group stage put them through to the knockout stages where they beat Tunisia on penalties, before losing 2-0 to eventual winners Egypt. Burkina Faso lost the 3rd placed Play-Off tournament on penalties against DR Congo having been 4-1 up after 87 minutes, the following 140 seconds were quite spectacular.

Total cost - £103.00

Total cost of collection - £2198.07

Friday, 6 August 2010

A new Nepal shirt

Nepal - Away - 2004?