Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone - Home - 09/10

I bought this shirt from 2 Degree Sports. Another beautiful hummel creation. Sierra is the Spanish word for 'mountain range' hence the mountain range on the front, and Leone means 'lion' which is represented by the three deliberate rips in the bottom right.

Total cost - £39.50

Total cost of collection - £1294.59


It been surprisingly hard to find a Cyprus shirt, for every official replica there are a dozen fakes shirt doing the rounds.

Cyprus - Home - 06/07

Total cost - £24.75

Total cost of collection - £1255.19


Bosnia-Herzegovina - Home - 07/08
Total cost - £34.00

Total cost of collection - £1230.44


Belarus - Home - ?
Can't quite pinpoint the date on this one. But the flag on the logo is the flag used by belarus from 1991 to 1995.

Total cost - £19.72

Total cost of collection - £1196.44


Suriname - Home - 08/10
I have a mate who used to live in Suriname, a Dutch country in South America. Some big name players such as Hasselbaink and Seedorf could have played for them if they hadn't wasted their careers playing for the Netherlands.

This shirt came from Subside Sports.

Total cost - £43.74

Total cost of collection - £1176.72


Azerbaijan - Home - 09/10
Total cost - £59.99

Total cost of collection - £1132.98

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Some shirts available directly from the FA

A more expensive way of getting hold of some shirts is by contacting the FAs directly. Here are a few that I've come across:



Wednesday, 12 May 2010


India - Away - 06/07

Total cost - £18.99

Total cost of collection - £1072.98

Turks and Caicos

Here's a photo of the home shirt in use

Turks and Caicos - Away - 08/10

Total cost - £32.99

Total cost of collection - £1053.99

Another fake shirt

I took a bit of a gamble here. I bid on eBay for an "azerbahghaan" football shirt on the off chance that it was an official shirt. The photo was very poor quality, but I thought it would be worth that gamble if I'd managed to get a really rare shirt for next to nothing.

A fake Azerbaijan shirt

Yugoslavia - ex-FIFA

Yugoslavia - Home - 02/03
Since Yugoslavia no longer exist, they do not count towards the 208. I bought this shirt off eBay for £12.77 inc P&P.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Kuwait - Home - 10/11

I found this shirt in Soccer Scene on Carnaby Street in London. They have recently opened stores in Kuwait and Bahrain. Although not listed on their website I was assured that I could arrange to buy shirts by e-mail.

They had the away shirt aswell as New Zealand, Chile, and a whole host of other national teams.

Total cost - £44.99

Total cost of collection - £1021.00