Saturday, 21 August 2010


Mozambique - Home - 10/11

I've been after this shirt for a while. I know that Puma produced a number of african shirts, most commonly Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia etc. But they also produced shirts for Mozambique and Namibia. This shirt comes complete with the Puma 'sample' information just like my Ivory Coast shirts. The information includes which factory it was made in.

This shirt came from the USA, and unfortunately they put a far higher value of the shirt when declaring its contents. Thanks to this I not only had to pay customs duty, but I also had to pay the Royal Mail an £8 handling fee.

Total cost - £46.47

Total cost of collection - £2390.48


  1. this shirt is one of my favourites, do you know how i could get this and namibia's?

  2. This was a 'sample' shirt sent to a shop in the USA. They put it on eBay as a one off. I'm also after the Namibia shirt (which I think is an even nicer shirt). It's a shame that they aren't all available from Puma.

  3. ah that means there's a lot of luck involved then haha. i have seen the mozambique and namibia shirts up for sale on uksoccershop website but that website is a scam and there are awful reviews of them all over the web (i thought it seemed to good to be true)

    1. Hey Oliver, take a look at Subside Sports: they have (or had, at least) many Namibia shirts. As for me, I'm trying to get one of Mozambique through a portuguese contact. If you want one, please let me know: Regards,

  4. The puma hologram is on the wrong side on your one. It's on the correct side on mine, which is also a sample. Strange.

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