Wednesday, 17 March 2010


With my Peterborough United shirt collection I needed alot of help from fellow Posh fans to be able to get my hands on certain shirts. I was very lucky to meet a number of very generous Posh fans who donated shirts to my collection in exchange for nothing more than a pint.

The advantage of supporting my local football team is that I've become good friends with a large group of like minded fans, mainly through the independent supporters association, but also through For every hour that I spend on eBay searching for football shirts, I must spend twice that arsing around on the Posh forum. As soon as I posted about my project I got a number of Posh fans offering to help me with my collection, I've even been offered help by a former player! (but that's another story for another day).

Belgium - Away - 08/10

Thanks Chief Brody for this Belgium shirt, remind me that I owe you a pint, I'm sure I already owed you several.

Total cost - £0.00

Total cost of collection - £226.49


  1. being of belgian descent, and born in Canada, Belgium is my team in the world cup when they show up. So I too needed a Belgium shirt. Unfortunately i got the same year and style as you, but the home red. Both are pretty crappy. Your white is a little nicer. THe best Belgium kit has to be the 2002 Korea-Japan kit, made by nike. they went with a near fluorescent red set off by black and nearly stunned the brazilians wearing it in the quarters. That 2002 kit got my second place vote for best in show for 2002. Nigeria with their "lime-green surprise" were the big winners that year.

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