Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Chinese-Taipei vs Guam in the EAFC Semi-Finals

The History of Chinese-Taipei is very complex. As far as I can figure out they started out as the football association for mainland China who then moved to Taiwan, then China created their own association. So the Chinese FA changed their name to Taiwan and left the AFC to join the OFC. The OFC then kicked them out for 'naming issues'. They eventually rejoined the AFC as Chinese-Taipei in 1989.

They are currently ranked 161st in FIFA, and 31st in the AFC region below the much smaller nations of Hong Kong and Singapore. The womens team have done alot better, and are ranked 36th, 3 places higher than Portugal.

Chinese-Taipei - Home - 2010

It was surprisingly hard to get hold of the Chinese-Taipei shirt. I originally found it on the Taiwanese version of eBay (linked from the eBay website) but since I can't read Chinese I have some difficulty working out how to buy the shirts. Fortunately my friend Fabius from Singapore was able to help me out, I was deighted, untill he figured out that you could only bid on items if you are a Taiwan national...I'm not....nor is Fabius.

A bit more searching (which is harder than it sounds when you don't read/write Chinese) took me to the sports shop that was selling the shirts on the auction site. Fabius was able to get an e-mail contact from them. It was plain sailing from then onward since they spoke perfect English. I couldn't make my mind up which shirts I wanted, so I just bought them all.

I did find out when they arrived that a 'Medium' in Taiwan, is a 'Small' in the UK.

Thanks for your help Fabius, and thanks Chiggia Sports.

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  1. wonderful, it's been a long time i've been looking for Taiwan football kits.
    I don't know if i still can buy it.