Saturday, 26 June 2010

Pohnpei - Non-FIFA

Pohnpei - Home - 09/10
Pohnpei were until recently the lowest ranked country in the world, according to the ELO rankings. Englishmen Paul Watson has decided to train the team, and bring them up the World Rankings. This has brought alot of media attention to Pohnpei, one of the four main statess of Micronesia. There is hope that Micronesia's national football team may reform. That'll make my target 209!

Shirts are available for £35 vis the Pohnpei website.

Basque Country - Non-FIFA

Basque Country - Home - 05/06
Non-FIFA, so doesn't count towards the target. I bought this for £32.49 on eBay.


Chile - Home - 00/01

Total cost - £18.37

Total cost of collection - £1530.16


Italy - Home - 06/07
Total cost - £5.00

Total cost of collection - £1511.79


Argentina- Home - 05/06

Total cost - £5.00

Total cost of collection - £1506.79


England - Home - 01/02

Total cost - £5.00

Total cost of collection - £1501.79


Netherlands - Home - 07/09
Total cost - £4.99

Total cost of collection - £1496.79

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tanzania - part 2

Tanzania - Away - ?

 I've now convinced myself that the Skies Tanzania shirt that I purchased previously is not a football shirt, unfortunately this also rules out my Kenya shirt being an authentic football shirt. Although I cannot find photos of the Tanzania team using this shirt, they are at least supplied by adidas. I shall take a closer look to check that it is authentic Adidas. It really can be hard to tell with the African replica shirts.

Total cost - £21.51

Total cost of collection - £1492.80


Nepal - Home - 07/08

Total cost - £35.75

Total cost of collection - £1471.29


Romania - Home - 06/07

Total cost - £21.00

Total cost of collection - £1435.54


Luxembourg - Away - 06/07
Although this shirt is available direct from the FA, a regular supplier of mine (I say supplier, but I'm usually the one with the highest bid) had one for sale at a similar price.

Total cost - £56.98

Total cost of collection - £1414.54


Georgia - Home - 06/08
Only a few days earlier the current Georgia shirt sold for over £127. I'm still a little bemused as to the ridiculously high price. Was very relieved when I managed to get this one for a fraction of that price.

Total cost - £33.25

Total cost of collection - £1357.56


Colombia - Away - 03/04

Total cost - £18.71

Total cost of collection - £1324.31


The Philippines - Home - 08/09
A surprisingly hard to find national shirt here. I managed to bag this one on ebay haven't spent many our searching the internet for a Philippines shirt, apparently these are even rare in the Philippines.

Total cost - £41.01

Total cost of collection - £1335.60


Serbia - Training Shirt
Didn't realise this was a training shirt when I purchased it. Only cost me a few quid, but doesn't count towards the 208 unfortunately.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


A few years ago I was part of a group of exiled Posh fans who wrote and produced a fanzine for Posh fans, whilst doing this I managed to grab a few interviews with ex-Posh players. One of the most popular interviews we managed was with Icelandic International Helgi Danielsson who is currently plying his trade with Hansa Rostock in Germany. We kept in contact, and to cut I long story short, a few years down the line I found myself in the bizzare situtation of discussing Rubik's Cube solutions in my house with an international footballer.

Helgi had come to pick up a painting that I'd done a while ago, he'd clearly taken to it. In exchange Helgi has donated a Poland and Germany shirt to my project, with an Iceland shirt to follow! I'm fairly sure I got the better end of the deal here.

Poland - Home - 04/05


It appears that the Germany shirt that Helgi kindly donated to my collection maybe a match worn shirt from an U21 match.

Jermaine Jones takes on Helgi Danielsson in a U21 qualifier between Germany and Iceland.

Germany - Home - 02/03