Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Part of my plan to get hold of the rarer nations is to pester friends and family into finding shirts when they are visiting countries which aren't so good at playing football. Fortunately I have a brother who likes to take holidays in some of the less popular destinations. When I first mentioned the idea of this project his response waws "you should have let me know, I was in Uruguay last week" quickly followed by "I'm going to Liechtenstein on Saturday".

Liechtenstein - Home - 08/10

After several texts telling me that his search for a Liechtenstein national shirt was fruitless, I eventually got the good news I had been hoping for. He'd found an XS for 77 Swiss Francs which came to £48.70 in real money. Thankfully he'd decided against paying and extra £15 for the Medium.

I thanked my brother, and told him to enjoy the rest of his weekend in Liechtenstein. "I'll have a job, there is NOTHING to do here".

Total cost - £48.70

Total cost of collection - £55.79

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