Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Martinique vs Grenada in a 2010 Gold Cup match

Martinique - Home - 2010

I'll be honest here, I'm not convinced that this is official Hummel. However, I don't know if Martinique even play in official Hummel. The Guadeloupe shirts that I bought from the same store are authentic so it's a tough one to call.

I'll let you make you own mind up: Maillot Antilles Foot

EDIT: Okay, interesting development. Maillot Antilles Foot have got in contact with me and shown me the certificate from the Martinique based suppliers saying that they are official Hummel. The Suppliers website looks very professional and claims to have "acquired the license for distribution and manufacturing of exclusive Danish brand Hummel.".

Furthermore, and most importantly Hummel International today posted on their twitter account: "Tuesday Trivia: did you know that hummel sponsors 'Les Matinino' - the national football team of Martinique? http://fb.me/A3JM9BWP".

So there you go, Official Martinique shirts! Thanks Curtis for taking the time to help clear things up.


  1. quite frankly a storming footy shirt collection

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  3. Hi Nick,
    I know the trouble you speak of having to find out wheather the shirts are official or not. The smaller teams seem to have much shorter shirt contracts than anyone else (probably trying to get the best deal etc). These look official and if not there great anyway, but I can't see there being a big market for fake martinique shirts - but you never know.
    This kit was a hummel release for clubs to buy as my saturday team had a similar hummel design a few seasons ago. So maybe it was an independent deal with the printing done seperate?
    Anyway keep going as this is the most impressive shirt quest I have ever seen.

  4. hi, firstly great collection, this is a fantastic database of football jerseys. I dont think this is an authentic jersey, either that or someone is knocking off hummel, and I should know as I am the designer for sports at hummel, and this is definitely not one of mine ;) it is possible that it was done by one of our license partners, but as far as I know we have license partners in that part of the world.

  5. Hi, I did send an e-mail off to Hummel about this. They are usually very good at getting back to me so the guy may have been away.

    I would be interested to know if Martinique play in real Hummel, or fake Hummel? I understand they probably don't have an official contract.

    I know Timor-Leste has played in fake Adidas before.

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  7. Kosovo national team played in fake Adidas shirts too, although they are a non-Fifa member.

    Thanks for the store tip, i`ll buy both, authentic or not.

    Cheers, mate!

  8. Thanks for your comments guys. Look at my edt to the post. @simposons, it was indeed done by a Martinique based license partner!