Sunday, 14 March 2010


This shirt took me a couple of goes to get hold of. I had originally bid for a similar shirt, but on closer inspection there appeared to be 6 stars above the badge. At the time Egypt had only won the African Cup of Nations on 4 occasions so I knew this to be a fake.

Egypt - Away - 98/99

It doesn't help matters that the shirt is of a poor printed quality anyway, but is the same as the shirt on sale on

Total cost - £14.98

Total cost of collection - £215.49


  1. Wow, really interesting kit! Never knew Egypt wore an away kit like this...

    Im posting this blog on Facebook for my fans, would it be too much to ask for a link? My blog is, check it out!
    You can contact me at todosobrecamisetas at!

  2. Link sorted, thanks for the recognition!

  3. Wow, cool to know I follow both of your pages and how I found them was in different ways!!
    Regards from Mexico. You guys rock!