Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The WANTED list

Can you help?
 I started this project in March 2010, just 17 months ago. Since then I have managed to tick off 173 countries, just 35 of them remain.

I have a few leads on a couple of the shirts but I'm really struggling to track down the final 45. I've produced a list of the 35 shirts which are absent from my collection. If you think you know any way that I can get hold of these, then please do get in touch.

I've had visits to the blog from over 150 countries and territories, including many of the countires whose shirts I am still looking for.

Thanks for looking.

63 - Libya (CAF)
Libya in their new green Puma shirt.

89 - Central African Republic (CAF)
These Adidas shirts are beautiful. The latest shirts are slightly different with the white and the yellow the other way round.

104 - Syria (AFC)
Syrua have been supplied by Diadora for a while now, but their distributors are ignoring my e-mails.

132 - Dominican Republic (CONCACAF)
The Dominican Republic playing against the British Virgin Islands in what appears to be a striped Umbro shirt.

138 - Turkmenistan (AFC)
Turkmenistan's home colours are a dark green. recently they've been supplied by Adidas, but they've also worn Jako in the past.

151 - Guinea-Bissau (CAF)
I almost got a few of these, it's a very long story, and one day I'll go into it in more detail. But it involved sending a little boy into a Portuguese ghetto.

168 - Aruba (CONCACAF)
Aruba playing (and probably losing) in orange Umbro against St Lucia in a World Cup Qualifier.

175 - Comoros (CAF)
This design is from 2010, at present I can't find any photos of the shirts worn at the 2011 Indian Ocean Island Games.

187 - Mauritania (CAF)
Mauritania have also played in Umbro and Baliston shirts.

188 - Eritrea (CAF)
Eritrea (blue) vs Rwanda (yellow)

191 - Somalia (CAF)
Either of these two adidas shirts will do.

194 - Djibouti (CAF)
Djibouti (blue) vs Ethiopia (green). It's a bit plain, but I still want one.

South Sudan


  1. hi i like your style and your blog. i once started to collect shirts in every country i visited. i wasnt able to find malawi, mozambique, macau and brunei and cabo verde. so but i was able to find a shirt from swaziland. they are selling original shirts in mbabane. but locals can't afford the 50 us dollars for the shirts. i have one at home. i would recommend you to contact anyone from mbabane, for example from a hostel in mbabane send him the money and hope he will provide it to you. sorry cant give you mine but if its the last one you looking for i will donate it to you :-).
    cheers rolf

  2. Cheers man. Send me an e-mail, I'm interested to hear more about your shirts.

    I've really been struggling to find someone from Swaziland.

  3. The team is playing against Madagascar is Réunion, a small french colony in the Indian Ocean.