Monday, 16 May 2011


Vanuatu U20 vs Fiji in the 2011 OFC U21 Championship

Vanuatu - Home - 2011
I've been waiting for this one to arrive for months now. Having failed to get hold of the Vanuatu FA for months I finally got through to a contact in New Zealand who was able to help me. This is the design worn by the U20 team in the OFC U20 Championship. It cost an absolute fortune to get this imported, but the only Vanuatu shirt that I've ever seen went for £150 on eBay.

More photos will follow shortly!

EDIT: ...and here they are


  1. It's very funny that al the Pacific islands are sponsered by Lotto. I think it's a shame, because other cloth sponsers make better shirts. But that you have a Vanuatu shirt, and I saw that there are more in coming, makes it very special. How did you get all those rare shirts? Congratulations with your new shirts ;).

  2. How did you find this??? When I contacted the Vanuatu FA, they wrote back very quickly and said that they do not sell any jerseys

  3. Yeah I had a similar negative response. Fortunately I was in contact with someone in New Zealand who was able to help me.

  4. there are selling their new jersey right now for 40 US Dollars. I also wrote the FA.
    I am now looking for payment ways and postage prices.

  5. I think that this one is better than yours.