Saturday, 24 July 2010

A fake El Salvador shirt

It's always annoying when you buy a shirt only to find out that it's not the genuine article. Some are obvious rip offs, some are east asian fakes made in sweat shops that can be hard to tell from the real thing, others are 'fans shirts'. Below is the shirt that I was hoping to receive, along with photos of the fake shirt that I received.

Well this is what the shirt should have looked like. Below are the differences that I found on the shirt that I purchased.
The Mitre collar is missing, as well as having completely different labels.

The Mitre logo has been poorly replicated, the writing isn't even straight.

The crest looks okay until you compare it to the authentic shirt. The colours differ, some of the writing is missing, and the writing is at the wrong angle.

The most obvious difference of all is that the design is printed on top of the shirt but in the authentic shirt the design is printed within the material.

I have however been offered my money back, so all is not lost.

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  1. It was happened to me too, with the same jersey.